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Diary 2024

June 20

Box 6 has ejected 1 of the pair from the nest cup, will try to put it back...

June 17 - Egg news

15th egg, 2nd in box 6. Then later we noticed that both eggs in box 4 were gone. Looking at the motion capture, a starling got into the box and destroyed them in a few minutes between swift visits. So back to 13 eggs now.

June 16 - 3 more chicks!

Remaining 2 eggs have hatched in box 2. And both hatched in box 3. 2nd egg in 3 must have been laid before the date recorded. So could be max of 10 chicks so far.

June 14 - 14th egg!

Just landed in box 6. So with all 6 pairs laying and an extra pair to last year, have we got first time nesters that are laying? Not usual case.

June 12 - Another chick

1st hatching of the 3 in box 1.

June 12 - Third chick and maybe fourth and maybe fifth

First hatching in box 2. Not sure if 1 or 2. Also, looks like the 3rd egg has hatched in box 5.

June 10 - First chicks!

2 hatchings in box 5 on same day, still 1 egg intact.

June 9 - Box 7

After much 'banging' from several prospectors over the last few days, I have added box 7 to the colony, without any camera.

June 6

Many prospectors hitting multiple boxes this morning, sometimes 2 birds clinging to same box, the residents were not happy, but all was ok eventually (see videos fir box 6).

June 5 - Another new pair!

After 2 years, we finally have a pair in box 6. Arrived this morning during quite a lot of swooping and box banging by several prospectors.

June 4 - Two more eggs!

A 2nd for boxes 3 & 4. That's 13 in total. Longest ever period between eggs, 10 days, in box3.

June 1 - 11th egg!

At last, the newest pair in box 4 have laid. So all pairs now have eggs.

May 26 - Tenth egg

In box 2, making a trio of trios, first time ever!

May 25 - Ninth egg of season

In box 1, making a 2nd trio.

May 24 - Two more eggs!

In box 2 & 3. So that's 8 viable eggs in total so far.

May 23 - Two more eggs!

In box 1 & 5. That's a trio for box 5!

May 21 - Three more eggs this morning and another pair!

Eggs in boxes 1, 2 & 5. The single bird in box 4 (we think the evicted bird) has found a mate, so it's 5 pairs now.

May 19 - Second egg of season

In box 5.

May 17 - Ninth bird

Arrived in box 4 overnight.

Meanwhile in box 3, the egg has been kicked out of the nest cup. We replaced it today but when they returned it was kicked out again. So probably the intruder has taken residence.

May 16 - First egg of the season!

Appeared in box 3 (the first pair) mid-morning but then also had an intruder and ongoing tussle near the hole.

May 13 - Much hullabaloo!

After what looked like much box swapping over few days we had a tussle in box 2 when a 3rd bird entered which lasted from about 5PM till probably 4ish AM according to the motion capture photos. Trying to break it up with water spray into the hole and tapping on the box proved useless, so we left them to it. Luckily, having checked first thing today all was well with 2 more pairs in 1 & 5!

May 8 - Second pair

In box 2 with singles in 1 & 5.

May 6 - First pair

Now we have a pair in box3 and singles in 2 & 5, whilst box 1 is empty!

May 2 - First birds of season!

Single bird arrived in boxes 1 & 5 early evening.

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