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About Swifts at home

Just my personal effort to help this amazing bird.

Having become an avid 'birder' (at a late stage in life) I soon became particularly fascinated with Swifts. In light of their decline in the UK (for various reasons, lack of nest sites being one) I wanted to help provide suitable nesting sites. I started with just one locally sourced box in 2017. I now have 4 boxes forming a small 'colony' on the top front of our north-facing 2 storey house.

I now make my own boxes and have fitted all of them with either wi-fi or wired-video internal cameras. I also have a 'swift call' system to attract new birds to the colony. I hope to be able to expand the 'colony' year by year.

I live in Ipswich, Suffolk and supply and fit similar boxes for local neighbours.

It is endlessly fascinating watching the birds in their boxes and swooping around the house in 'screaming parties'. Every year we await their arrival in May with excitement and their departure in July with some sadness.

Although the galleries in the above menu go back to 2017 when we started our colony, the News section begins when we started this web site, in 2021.

The Gallery will be updated throughout each season.

See for lots of help, advice and information.

Click here for details of my home-made boxes.

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